Crime … November 4, 2007

How we get these Future News Predictions


Crime is a changing business. In the old days, it was easy for robbers to wait for the stagecoach behind the hill and just go rob it. When money was transported on trains it became harder. Today, criminals can rob you over the Internet. As the economy continues to slow there will be more and better schemes that show up on the Internet. Identity theft was just the beginning. Identity theft is common and easy to do. The next step is using computers or technology to commit terrible crimes, is just around the corner. It would be easy. Rather than building and placing bombs that need to be detonated by hand individually, to make them talk to each other electronically and wirelessly. A random combination of codes could be constantly transmitted between say 20 separate bombs.

Through encryption the bombs talk to each other and if a person tried to disarm one bomb they would all go off. By not knowing how many bombs, where they are, or how they use encrypted code to speak to each other you would possibly detonate them all at once. Also, cyber criminals will find new ways to break down systems. The new terrorism crimes will be more and more cyber-based. To target something that is necessary to run the country and take it down will be the plan. Target could be the system that runs Wall Street, or the systems that control utilities. By taking over, for example; the systems that control electricity you could start a domino effect of terror. Anything that depends on electricity, including most computer systems would be crippled. (NEWS proof)  Hackers from foreign countries will be on the rise. One thing they could do would be to hack into a food manufacturer’s system and change the formula of the ingredients ever so slightly and little by little. The population could be slowly poisoned. Pharmaceutical company systems will also be targeted. It would not be hard to alter formulas. Soon, the threat of identity theft will seem silly.

QUESTION: Is this something that criminals are working on now, and who are they targeting?

ANSWER: The criminals working on this now are more than 5,000 miles away. The U.S. is the prime target, along with Britain and Israel.

QUESTION: How soon will these tactics become known to authorities?

ANSWER: The government is working now to thwart attempts at large-scale hack attacks

QUESTION: How is it progressing?

ANSWER:  Nuclear plants are a main target and the government is aware of attacks on them now.

QUESTION: Does the recent Palo Verde incident in Arizona have any relationship to this type of attack


QUESTION: Give an example of a coordinated attack once our defenses have been penetrated?

ANSWER: Hamas could bring down the electric grid and stage missile attacks immediately after.

QUESTION: Using the same scenario of a coordinated attack, how would they reach America?

ANSWER: They are already here in your universities. You are teaching them computer science.

QUESTION: What do we need to be prepared for in relation to these threats and for how long?

ANSWER: You must take the normal precautions of storing food and water with having generator backup. Communication systems will be affected and old time ham radios will serve as emergency communications.

QUESTION: How much time do we have to prepare for an event like this?

ANSWER: 2012 will see the beginning of this type of terrorism.

QUESTION: Was the contamination of the dog and cat food recently a practice run for terrorist’s activities?

ANSWER: No, but the terrorist could easily poison something everybody eats like cereal.


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