Crime … December 4, 2007

How we get these Future News Predictions


We live in a world where crime is on the increase. You can read many reports that say crime is going up or down, but it’s hard to keep track. Numbers derived from police reports only show reported crimes. Much crime goes unreported. Plus, crime naturally goes up, due to increases in population, more urbanization and the increase in individual wealth. For example, when people become more successful and they have more things to steal. As countries around the world become more prosperous the crime in those areas will also increase. Before, there wasn’t any cyber crime and now it is the fastest growing of all crimes. (NEWS proof) Identity theft is the primary cyber crime. Much of it goes unpunished, since it is so easy to do and it doesn’t take long until the thief moves on. Some states don’t even prosecute identity theft. Very likely, that soon organized crime groups around the world will get more sophisticated in their methods of pulling off cyber crime.

In fact, you may see terrorist groups financed by governments that use cyber terrorism as their weapon. This way, nobody has to blow themselves up with a bomb strapped to them. All they have to do is become good at cyber crime from their computer. When a group of cyber terrorist becomes well funded, they can do mass destruction in a very short time. When emerging countries move people from the country-side to the city the number of crimes will increase as these people are exposed to many criminal options they never had before. So, all types of crime, traditional and cyber will increase, due to urbanization and technical sophistication. More and more people are aware of how crime can affect them. The market for self defense training will boom, especially in large cities. Cities will be understaffed when it comes to law enforcement and will have to solicit civilian volunteers to patrol the streets. Very soon, as people get more desperate with life, crime will look good as an option.

QUESTION: Who are the top targets for identity theft?

ANSWER: (NEWS proof) There are many different groups that include the elderly people who use credit cards in public situations, people who use ATM machines where they can be watched as they put in their code. Your own relatives and neighbors are also targets, as you would know much about them.

QUESTION: Where do most of these criminals get their training?

ANSWER: Some individuals are low tech and just watch binoculars as you put in your pin number at the ATM machine and then rob you of your card. At the other end of the scale, you have highly sophisticated programmers who can hack a company’s site to obtain company records on employees. Better yet, the executive who travels with private company information on his laptop is also a target.

QUESTION: What is the focus of the cyber terrorists today?

ANSWER: CCyber-terrorists are focused on money and disruption of the norm. It is the goal of most terrorist to disrupt or disable a system that’s working well. Many of the top computer viruses have been designed by well funded groups.

QUESTION: Is this recent virus that infected Google’s network an act of cyber terrorism?

ANSWER: Yes. As long as there is a dominate company in any sector there will be individuals and groups who want to take it down.

QUESTION: How will Google change what they are doing to address these intrusions?

ANSWER: Currently, Google is demanding a password be typed, in order to access the site. However, they will eventually find the broken link in their security and fix it.

QUESTION: What are the top target countries for cyber terrorism?

ANSWER: Top target are the U.S. and its western allies. These countries, as a group are selected, due to their group thinking on things like democracy and freedoms.

QUESTION: At what point will we start to see the fruits of their labor in cyber terrorism?

ANSWER:  When a group is able to bring the Internet to its knees over a long holiday period.


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