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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

A world in crisis

Global Economy – October 9, 2008

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The credit crisis is now the number one problem in the world. The spread of the mortgage crisis and irresponsible investments that were entered into are now coming back to cripple the worldwide economy. Governments are now putting money into banks to prop them up and provide liquidity. Banks now have two owners, the government and the stock holders. With this arrangement the government comes first and stockholders come second. With everything the government has done there are still problems that exist. Many banks won’t survive. About one out of every seven banks will disappear. Other issues that enter into the problem of getting the global economy working again are stringent lending practices that will keep many good people from getting a loan. Another problem is that banks will be hoarding cash they receive from the government. This money will be used to first pay their overhead, only then will they worry about making profits through loans.Continue reading »

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

Running out of money

Politics – October 7, 2008

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The Presidential race is heating up and the next debate is where the gloves will come off. Barack Obama will focus on John McCain’s part in the financial crisis and John McCain will focus on Barack Obama’s inexperience in leadership roles. The critics will argue tomorrow about who won the debate. It will be very heated even as much as the debate itself. John McCain sees himself as the experienced leader, politician and military man. He feels this is the combination needed to lead this country. Barack Obama will cite his youth, his commitment to changing Washington and his appeal to those who do not want more of the same. The one issue that will top the debate agenda is the meltdown of the American economy. The economy is in deep trouble from many sides.Continue reading »

Sunday, October 5th, 2008

Three new types of terrorists

Terrorism – October 5, 2008

How we get these Future News Predictions

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We predicted last year that there would be no health care reform bill passed in 2009 and we were right.  President Obama is hoping to have a vote before Congress leaves for Easter vacation on March 29th.  We predict that also will not happen.  In fact, if the bickering and self-interest continues, President Obama may not see a health care reform bill that is meaningful during his entire term.  Democrats and Republicans are objecting to parts of the current bill on “principles.”  The definition of a principle is a “basic assumption.”  This type of assumption has moral and religious connotations attached to it.  These principles also involve judgments.  These judgments are fixed and inflexible. Therefore, the vote on a health care bill is based on adherence to moral and religious principles and judgments – the principles and moral and religious judgments of the people voting on the bill.  The vote is not based on equal access to quality health care for all Americans, nor is it based on arriving at economies of scale that make the system flow properly like cleaning up the massive amount of duplicate and triplicate paperwork.Continue reading »

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

Multiple points of concern

World Events – October 3, 2008

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The biggest world event in November will be the U.S. Presidential elections. The eyes of the world are on who will become the next leader of the free world. You will see a close race that will surprise many. Before the election you will hear commentary from around the world with varying opinions about why one or the other candidate would be the best choice. Many countries see Obama as more of a diplomat than McCain. However, with the many stress-points in the world many feel that John McCain would be a better enforcer of order. John McCain’s talents will be needed to address the border war, whether he’s President or not. This new war front will not be a war against Mexico, but a war with Mexico against the drug cartels. Besides all the other distractions that the new President will have like the economy and the credit crisis, he will be faced with a new war front and a collapse of the stock market. Continue reading »

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