Crime … January 29, 2009

How we get these Future News Predictions


Unemployment and crime are linked together.  As unemployment rises, you will see crime also rise. (NEWS proof) Unemployment will reach unprecedented levels in the U.S. and around the World.  Millions of people around the world will lose their jobs with unemployment in America exceeding 15%.  One thing that will add to the rising unemployment is that not only are people getting laid off, but Baby-Boomers who are reaching retirement age will not retire.  They will continue in the workforce keeping their jobs to survive.  This will prevent any younger people from coming into the workforce and taking their jobs.  As unemployment rises so will crime and stress.  During 2009, you will see protests in cities by people who have lost their jobs.  As these protests become larger and occur more often, some will turn violent.  There will be many violent protests in the streets over lack of jobs.  As unemployment rises, all types of crimes will also rise, starting with muggings and carjacking in the streets.  Burglaries and breaking and entering will also rise, both in homes and in businesses.

Shoplifting during open hours will rise also in all types of stores.  Anything that can be eaten or sold will be stolen off shelves.  The stress of no job will put a high level of strain on families.  This added stress will cause a rise in domestic violence.  Scams of all types will prevail primarily around real estate, jobs scams, get-rich-quick schemes, work from home scams, and all types of proposed opportunities where you don’t have to work much but the return seems high.  People will fall for these scams and all ages will be targeted.  Workplace crime will also be on the rise, not only theft from the company but also theft from co-workers.  Some office crime will be violent due to the high levels of stress people are experiencing because now they are doing the work of two or three people.  Companies will spend a great amount of money to combat theft and crime in the workplace.  Piracy on the high seas will skyrocket.  Criminals around the world see the enormous ransoms being paid for high jacking a boat or ship and this will draw more and more people into piracy.  When the statistics on crime come out for 2009, they will be up over 100%.  In addition to all his other challenges, President Obama will be distracted by domestic crime.  Not only the ones we’ve just mentioned but kidnappings for ransom and express kidnappings off the street for money and jewelry will increase.  President Obama will put together a War on Crime program and Vice President Biden will head it up.  As the unemployment situation gets better, crime will get better.  But, it will be several years before unemployment begins to turn around.

QUESTION: How long will it take for unemployment to go back to “normal” levels?

ANSWER: You may experience a recession that lasts for 8 to 10 years.

QUESTION: Since Baby-boomers are going to hold on to their jobs, squeezing out the youth, what’s going to be the demographic for crime?

ANSWER: Crime will rise for all age groups.  Seniors that never committed a crime will see shoplifting as a way to eat.  Younger criminals will see kidnappings and burglaries and carjacking as a way to make big money in a hurry.  The biggest problem will be the overcrowded jails and prisons. 

QUESTION: What will be the solution to the overcrowding of jails and prisons?

ANSWER: Tent cities will be put up within prison walls where the weather is moderate. 

QUESTION: What do people need to do to protect themselves from rising crime?

ANSWER: In states where you can carry a concealed weapon, gun sales will continue to thrive.  Self-defense classes will also be a booming business.  Other than that, you must just pay attention and be alert.  Check and lock your car and home doors.  Install dead bolts and install a security system to protect yourself and your family.

QUESTION: How will the unemployment situation change people’s work ethic?

ANSWER: Those that were used to working the minimum to get by will be the targets of scammers.  Those that have a strong work ethic will be working to the max just to get by. 

QUESTION: Will this spike in unemployment force some people to become entrepreneurs?

ANSWER: Many will start their own businesses on the Internet and social networking will allow the ‘virtual company’ to increase in numbers.  Young engineers that get laid off may join together to develop the technology products of tomorrow.


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