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Howdy Benny Fans! I hope you had a good weekend…I chased lizards all around the patio this afternoon – what fun that was! I didn’t catch any, as they are trickier than Goldman Sachs… but I got some sun and burned off a few calories…let’s get down to business!

Benny’s Rant… The rise in health care costs has become a nightmare for American businesses and consumers.  Too much involvement by the Government in the health care process, too many lobbyists, the malpractice industry running out of control, and the relentless barrage of  commercials on TV for pharmaceuticals that nobody really needs for new diseases that didn’t exist before (e.g. restless leg, P.A.D., and BBS…bird breath syndrome) keep the whole system spinning out of control with Big Pharma and Big Insurance raking in billions.  The entire health care system is designed to do one thing…manage your diseases until the day you die.  That’s right, the health care “system” is not about curing any horrible diseases…it’s about “allowing” you to retain your illnesses, keep you alive as long as possible, and buy thousands of dollars worth of pills every year so Pharmaceutical and Insurance companies, lobbyists, and politicians can get richer.  Think I’m pulling your tail?  What was the last major disease that was cured in this country?  Want a hint?  It was Polio and that was in the 1950′s!  Why is it that we haven’t had any breakthrough cures since then?  Want another hint?  It’s because there is no money in cures.  If there was a pill to cure cancer, diabetes, or the common cold, once you took it, you wouldn’t have the disease any more, would you?  If you didn’t have the disease anymore, then they couldn’t sell you any more pills for that disease.  Are you starting to get the picture here?  There’s a solution that keeps Jerry’s hair black year after year but not one that cures MD after decades of research.  Sad.  Does all this constant brainwashing on TV by the drug industry work?  Just go to your local drug store and hang around by the pharmacy window.  In line you will find geezers, wheezers, and future pharmaceutical addicts who haven’t exercised a day since high school gym class, asking for all the new drugs popularized in TV commercials by actors in white coats.  These people, who made the bad choice of not taking responsibility for their own health early on in their lives, now want a “magic pill” for everything that ails them.  A pill because they’re obese (from watching too many fast food commercials!), a pill because they can’t sleep, another that wakes them up, another that brings down their blood pressure, another that cleans the plaque (from eating too much fast food) out of their arteries, how about one because I’m depressed, how about another “booster” pill because my depression medicine is not working (now that’s depressing!), my back hurts, my legs hurt, my head hurts, I have bone loss, arthritis, my vision is failing, my circulation is bad, my reflexes aren’t what they used to be, etc, etc, etc.  It’s enough to make you sick just listening to them complain.  At least they all still have their driver’s licenses so they can get to the drug store!  I just had my yearly checkup this week.  Everything is fine.  I eat nothing but organic food (and the occasional lizard…they taste like chicken), drink plenty of clean, fresh water, exercise every day, take cat naps, stretch a lot, and avoid stress.  My favorite aunt, Jean, died in her late 80′s from a disease many of you will get some day – old age.  During her adult life, she went to see a doctor (the pharmaceutical industry’s drug pushers) twice.  Once when she cut her arm cleaning windows and the glass broke and she needed stitches and once when she fell on the ice and broke her wrist.  She didn’t believe in pharmaceuticals because she said they weren’t natural and caused more problems than they fixed.  The few times she was sick and felt really bad, she would take an Alka-Seltzer for her stomach or headache.  She kept aspirin, Pepto-Bismo, hydrogen peroxide, colloidal silver, neosporin, aloe vera, and a few other “home” remedies around just in case she was really sick.  She walked a lot, rested a lot, avoided stressful jobs, never got married, never got over her head in debt, helped out everyone who needed help, played bingo, did puzzles, and read a lot to keep her mind sharp.  This is not the kind of person the healthcare industry has in mind as a patient. This kind of person is the healthcare industy’s nightmare.  In the 40+ years she worked for a company that gave her healthcare insurance, she never used it once.  She did something that most people today don’t do any more.  She took responsibility for her health.  She made the decision that she alone was the creator and the creation of her reality and didn’t do things that moved her from that path.  We all need to take a lesson from Jean and take responsibility our health and our life.  Nobody is going to do it for you…certainly not the Government or a national healthcare insurance program.  Start eating right and exercising.  Avoid stressful people and situations.  Quit your stressful job and do what you always wanted to do.  Stop watching TV commercials.  Get a cat so you can learn how to relax.  Stop supporting corrupt politicians who support the lobbyists and special interest groups from the greedy pharmaceutical and medical industries.  Breathe in, breathe out.  Repeat.  Meow for now…

  • OK, keep your eye on the S&P this week…watch for the S&P index to fall below both it’s 50-DMA (903) and 200-DMA (894).  If it does, this will be very bearish for the market.  You will see resistence at 920 and then again at 940 for the S&P.  You will see support at 880.  If the S&P breaks support at 880, there will be  long tumble..
  • You may want to take a position in Yamana Gold (AUY) as it appears to be setting itself up as a takeover target.  Buy a small position and sell it upon the announcement of a takeov
  • Credit card debt will be the next big bubble to pop!  There is about $1 Trillion in outstanding credit card debt out there and defaults have set records 6 months in a row.  Defaults are now greater than 10%…the highest in history.  Bank of America (BAC), Citi (C), JPMorgan Chase (JPM), and American Express (AXP) have the most exposure.
  • Read about how all asset classes are in a free-fall at this way cool site where I go to get all my “secret” information!
  • Last week I hit 73% of my picks!  Let’s hope I do just as well or better this week…Go long on these… GS (Government Sachs!), MA (MasterCard), MAA (Mid-America Apartment), SHW (Sherwin-Williams), AWR (American States Water), and V (Visa).
  • And here’s my “dogs” for the week (notice they call bad performing stocks dogs!) . . . TDG (TransDigm Corp), UHS (Universal Health Services), MYGN (Myriad Genetics), YUM (Yum! Brands), WAG (Walgreen’s), CMP (Compass Minerals Int’l), and RGLD (Royal Gold) . . . there you have a Benny’s Baker’s Dozen!

Here’s a head’s up, Benny Fans!  I read in the CR News Reports© where more and more money is pouring into the market from retail investors.  However, at the same time, insider selling is at a high.  This smells fishy, and I don’t mean in the good way . . . you know, like Yellowfin Tuna Florentine.  I mean that you better watch yourself out there.  Someone’s looking to pull the plug and flush the little fish down the toilet in July.

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Goodbye Michael, you’re the King of Pop and the world took advantage of you.  I believe you died of a broken heart.  You made me dance…Rest in Peace, my friend…!

Get the economy moving again…invest some of your money in something that will give you a long-term return – a Benny Mug!  Prove your Benny fandom and start your day with a giggle!  . . . Meow for Now! . . . Benny.

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