Crime … December 29, 2009

How we get these Future News Predictions


Nothing will affect crime more than the economy.  The economy will have a tremendous influence in all areas of crime.  People have lost confidence in the economy and the financial institutions that have destroyed it.  Paying multi-million dollar bonuses to executives has just rubbed the taxpayer’s nose into the theft and mismanagement of these bankers.  This will develop into a retaliation mentality.  (NEWS proofPeople will go out of their way to cheat financial institutions in any way they can.  Some may become so distraught that they take revenge on their local branch.  This could be likened to “going postal.”  There will be increases in most types of crimes starting with victim and victim-less crimes.  The economy and desperation will increase victim crimes by the fact that rage will increase. (NEWS proof Domestic rage, road rage, and workplace rage will all find new victims.  Desperate people will have reached their breaking point.  We predict that crimes with direct victims will increase 20 percent – 25 percent in 2010.  Victimless crimes like thefts, burglaries, and shoplifting will be acts of desperation.  Theft of food and items that can be sold for food will skyrocket. .

(NEWS proofWe predict shoplifting and petty theft will increase by 80 percent or more.  Although there has been many arrests recently of white collar criminals, we do not see that being a deterrent.  It only causes white collar criminals to be more careful.  You will see an increase in white collar crimes of all kinds like insider trading, investment fraud, companies cooking their books and Ponzi schemes.  Much of this increase in white collar crime will come from companies and institutions that received bailout money.  We see white collar crime going up 40 percent – 50 percent in 2010.  (NEWS proofCyber-crime will also increase over the next year.  There will always be the cases of identity theft run from foreign countries and we see this increasing.  But we also see a big increase in online scams.  These scams will revolve around selling and sales; selling things as an affiliate or having a scammer sell you something and not delivering.  The biggest increase will come from work-at-home scams that will be targeting unemployed people and seniors trying to earn extra money.  For people looking for employment, there will be many job-related scams.  Everything from a company helping you find a new job to multi-level job hunting scams or job training scams.   We see i.d. theft remaining stable or increasing 20 percent at most, but we see online work and job scams going up over 500 percent.  We also see more people resorting to illegal drugs, causing an increase in drug sales and distribution.  As their customer base increases, the influence of the drug cartels will expand in scope.  Many people will not only take drugs, but also start selling them.  We see illegal drug sales and arrests going up by as much as 40 percent or more.  These numbers are world-wide based upon crime statistics already in place in your own countries.  Therefore, with criminal activity directly linked to the worsening economy, it will only lessen once the economy and unemployment get fixed..

QUESTION: Explain the overall essence of your message today?

ANSWER: Our message is to educate.  Everything criminal is influenced by the global economy.  When things are normal and people have jobs, they do not consider stealing or taking or selling drugs.  The worsening economy for many people around the world can only mean an additional strain on law enforcement and the court systems.

QUESTION: Why do people need to know this information right now?

ANSWER: People need to be aware of what desperation can move you to do.  Good people will feel ashamed when they resort to crime, even petty crime, in order to survive.  It is a case of losing your pride and values in order to survive.  Seeing examples of corporate and financial institutions stealing from taxpayers and getting away with it will help people to justify small crimes.  

QUESTION: What should bank branches do in terms of security to protect their employees and customers?

ANSWER: Most banks in large cities have had on-sight security forever.  However, local small-town and rural banks will become prime targets for robberies.  Putting the proper security in place now will help.  It could be uniformed security at the branch or undercover security in the branch like a sky marshal.

QUESTION: Can you identify any of these institutions that received bailout money that will see an increase in white collar crime?

ANSWER: (NEWS proof) The biggest crime going on now that will continue is cooking the books at financial institutions that received bailout assistance.  Not forcing institutions to show the actual value of assets on their books is a crime.  Certainly an individual could not do this when they filed their taxes.  But, it’s OK for financial institutions that received, and continue to receive assistance, to deceive the public.

QUESTION: Will the Ponzi schemes of 2010 that are discovered be larger than the Bernie Madoff scandal?

ANSWER: Greed kept his Ponzi scheme active for decades.  Greed is at the root of all deceptions including Ponzi schemes.  (NEWS proof)  The biggest deception is the one being perpetrated right in front of the eyes of the people around the world.  The deception by governments, knowing how bad things really are, at the same time telling people everything is getting better.

QUESTION: When you referred to online affiliate scams, what will that look like?

ANSWER: Not only will individuals scam end-users, but they will find ways to solicit hundreds, perhaps thousands of greedy affiliates, and draw them into their scam.  The ultimate multi-level scam.

QUESTION: Will this be the final nail-in-the-coffin for affiliate-type relationships on the Internet?

ANSWER: Only affiliate associations between trusted partners with a track record will survive.  The term “affiliate marketing” will probably disappear or be changed to another name. 

QUESTION: How will somebody be able to identify one of these online job scams when they see it?

ANSWER: All will promise quick money and lots of it for very little work using your home computer.  They will have many themes.  Testing products, finding a job, increasing your education so you can find a job, and doing menial tasks at home and making a high income.  These job scams are just the reincarnation of the “envelope stuffing” scams that were around forever. 

QUESTION: How does a person who is not financially desperate and possibly still has a job, protect themselves against people who are out to scam them, harm them or steal from them?

ANSWER: (NEWS proof) You will see an increase in self-defense classes that involve everything from hand-to-hand combat to how to handle weapons.  In fact, this will be one major job growth areas – teaching these classes.  A person needs to make sure that their home is secure and protected with an alarm system.  Also, when traveling, you must be very alert in areas where you could be walking to your car alone, or are exposed to quick “snatch-and-grab” crimes.  These types of crimes will be perpetrated by a small group of two or three individuals…one distracting you while the others strike.


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