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POSTED: Saturday 1/23/2010

Psychic cat hits 80 percent of his stock picks…

Hi fans, it’s me Benny, the “Smartest Cat in the Room” back with more stock market brilliance and intuitive stock picks for the coming week. Last week, 80% of my stock picks made money!  Holy catnip…80%!  Go back and take a look at all those stock newsletters you subscribe to.  What was their return last week?  How about those investment services you send 1,000′s of dollars to?  Are they still telling you that Google is cheap and that the recovery is well under way?  You may have listened to Jim Cramer or consulted your Magic 8-ball for deep market insight, but did 80% of Jim’s picks make money in five days or less?  Did that Magic 8-ball tell you anything but “ask me again later?”  I’m here now to channel more great picks to help you make some extra “scratch” this week!  Remember, my picks are free and when you make money from them, please donate some of those profits to your local animal shelter, OK? It’s kind of like giving and receiving comfort at the same time!  The economy has made it difficult for some people to be able to afford to feed their pets and they have given them up. Others have lost their homes and left their pets behind. If you can, please adopt one of these loving cats or dogs. What could be more fun than having a little cat curled up on your lap while you’re trading? If you can’t adopt, donate to make their life better until they do get adopted. You’ll be glad you did as it will make you feel better and you won’t miss a little bit of profit. Spread the profits and the love.  And hey, don’t forget to be my friend on Facebook too! . . . see my profile at “Benny Cat”

I’ve always believed that hope is not a trading strategyAnd recently, I met a very special human, Bill Brents, a retired broker, who has the same belief. Bill has 38 years experience and when he retired, he wrote a book on trading the market for his kids. Now he’s sharing it with the world. In his book, Bill teaches how to trade the market for only the first 60 minutes of the trading day and make 1% – 2% on your money each day. Following his method accomplishes two things. First, you only have to watch the market and trade for the first hour, giving you the rest of the day off to do whatever you want (like sleep on the windowsill). And secondly, make 250% – 300% on your money each year! Imagine the shock on your friends’ faces when they tell you they lost 40% in the market last year and when they ask you how you did, you respond, “I made 250% on my money last year!”

And now a word from our sponsor and the people who keep me in organic cat food.  Speaking of psychics who channel wonderful things…this just became available from my peeps … Channeled Readings, LLC – CR News Reports© has just published these Predictions for 2010 on 14 Topics that will affect your life.  These predictions help you get prepared now for what’s coming in 2010 and beyond.  Over two hours of amazing channeled predictions from the “Nostradamus of the News” – the CR News Reports(c).  Change your news and change your life.  What are you waiting for?

Now, in addition to writing this wonderful book that outlines his strategy, Bill has set up a web site where you can watch him trade in real time each trading day. Watch Bill make $250, $500, $750 or $1,000+ while risking only 1% ($250) of his investment on any day. Following Bill and doing exactly what he does will make you exactly what he makes. How simple is that? Even a cat can do it! It’s non-emotional and stress-free with controlled risk and no overnight positions to worry about. Who follows Bill? Housewives, people looking for a second income, people who want to take control of their own money and retire early, people wanting consistent returns no matter what the market does, and people who want to learn a skill they can use the rest of their life and never have to have a job again. You remember jobs, don’t you?

Anyway, quit being on the wrong side of the trade every time and check it out at: And tell Bill that Benny sent you!

Benny’s Diet Success. . . Everybody’s commenting on how good I look now that I lost 1/3 of my body weight. That’s right, I lost 7 pounds! MEOW! I owe my diet success to the Perfect Pet Feeder from Pillar Pet Products. My good friend, Scott, and all the people at Pillar offered me a lot of encouragement since I started my diet in March. You can follow this link to Pillar Pet Products and check out who’s on their home page in a featured story…that’s right, Moi! Click here to see my progress from month to month. . . my diet . . . I look good, feel great and have my old kitten energy back! If you love your overweight pet and want to help them lose weight, you need a Perfect Pet Feeder! Tell them Benny sent you.

Benny’s Psychic Powers. . . All animals are psychic, some just more so than others. . . like me! Have you ever thought about using Intuition to pick stocks? I do it all the time. Intuition is not supernatural, it’s very natural. I read this fabulous FREE E-Report from Channeled Readings, LLC, who are the Nostradamus of the NEWS, entitled “Use Your Intuition to Pick Stocks” and you can check it out here! Click >>>>> here <<<<< to get yours now. Start listening to what Benny and that “inner voice” is telling you to do. Besides, when my peeps make money on anything you buy from them, I continue to get that delicious white meat chicken florentine in delicate sauce I have become accustomed to.

The Wisdom of Benny . . . “You should not pursue success; you should attract it to yourself by evolving as a person of integrity.”

How to play my picks . . . I’ve explained before how to play my picks. . . watch for them to move the direction I said and look to take a small profit when you are up at least 2% or more (after commissions). Don’t get greedy. Especially if it looks like it may turn around. If you think it may continue going your way, sell half your position and move your stop up to your entry point. That’s it. If the stock returns a favorable profit Monday, then exit the position. Could you have made more? Maybe. Or you could have lost your gain in a reversal. You can either put an equal amount of money in each pick, or buy an equal number of shares. Either way, you’ll have a big fat cat smile on your face when you make money! And don’t forget to donate some of those profits to your local animal shelter. You’ll be glad you did and good Karma will come your way. I guess I’m just a Philanthra-Puss?

* OK, let’s make some extra “scratch!” Here’s my long picks for this week . . . JCG (J. Crew), DTO (PowerShares DB Crude Oil Double Short ETN), and ISRG (Intuitive Surgical).

* And here’s my “dogs” for the week (notice they call bad performing stocks dogs!) . . . JCI (Johnson Controls), GILD (Gilead Sciences), IDC (Interactive Data Corp), OI (Owens-Illinois), SINA (Sina Corp.), NTES (NetEase), CSX (CSX Corp.), COF (Capital One Financial) and SOHU (

* Check this out Benny Fans! I read in the CR News Reports© (the source of my wisdom) where you can sign up for a FREE TRIAL subscription and get a free bonus! I love free almost as much as I love Yellowfin Tuna Florentine. These guys are the Nostradamus of the NEWS! You’ll even find a FREE Audio Prediction there too! WOW! Check it out and maybe you’ll be the “Smartest Cat In The Room!” And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter…

* Ready to jump back into the real estate market? Get ready to buy an entire mall for nothing down just like the old days! When all the stores at the mall close up and commercial real estate developers are insolvent, what will we do with that space? Find out at this blog entitled “Ghost Malls.” You don’t want to miss this brilliant commentary.

Get the economy moving again…invest some of your money in something that will give you a long-term return – a Benny Mug! Prove your Benny fandom and start your day with a giggle! . . . email me to buy one and remember, the psychic cat hits 80 percent of his stock tips! Meow for now…Benny.

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