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Studying Your Past Is A Waste Of Time

Personal Development & Improvement – November 29, 2010

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People seem really concerned about their future. They find themselves surrounded by problems in the present and aren’t sure how to solve them. Psychiatrists and therapists will try to tell you that, if you want to change, you must go back and study the past, since the past is the source of your problems.  Understanding “what happened” in the past is the key to changing and solving your current and future problems. People seem to have a need to “understand” things. On top of wanting to re-examine their past, people worry about their future. So, they spend most of their time studying and worrying. While they’re studying and worrying, they continue their same behavior patterns, which get harder to break with each passing day. These same patterns yield the same results over and over. People become stuck following these same patterns and feel they can’t change. These patterns worked in the past, why aren’t they working now? People start living a life of toleration and resentment for what is happening. This mindset results in them believing things are happening “to them.” What is happening is that the times are changing but the people are not. The times are different, but people are the same as before. Why are so many people stuck and unable to adapt to these changing times? What can people do to get out of their rut?

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