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Communication With Your Guides

Higher Intelligence & Intuition… August 22, 2011

How we get these Future News Predictions

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Communication With Your Guides Requires The Proper Tools

Anybody who works remotely knows that effective communication requires the proper tools. You no longer have to rely on your pager to go off and then go search out a pay phone to call home or the office. Now, everybody seems to have a portable computer, a tablet, a cell phone or a smartphone with Bluetooth connectivity so you’re always connected to your “source” anywhere you go. As you, our Higher Intelligence Source knows, we use a talking board to communicate with you. We didn’t choose this – you did when you first contacted me, Linda, 22 years ago through my dream teacher. It was in that first contact that you asked me to create a talking board that would not cause fear and caution like a Ouija board. You told me that you needed a way to reach humanity and on a higher level. You said that you needed this new talking board to be a teaching tool for others to use to contact their own guides. You insisted on providing proper Instructions to help people understand how to use it correctly. You also said you would contact me in my dreams to co-create this talking board now trademarked as Ask The Universal Channel®. Well, it’s been 22 years now and together we have accomplished a lot.

Communication With Your Guides Requires The Proper Skills

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