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It Takes A War To Get Reelected

Politics… February 7, 2012

How we get these Future News Predictions

Find out how these predictions will affect you

  • A different Republican front runner every week
  • The least offensive Republican candidate will get the nomination
  • Half of Americans either at or below the poverty line
  • Candidate running that has any foreign policy experience
  • Romney won’t be able to defend his history as a corporate raider
  • Another war with Iran

It takes a war to get reelected. The Republicans are running a circus show and can’t seem to find a suitable candidate. There is a different Republican front runner every week or so. It’s like a horse race where they’re all running in a pack and one or the other slips out in front briefly. There seems to be so much infighting that it’s dividing the Republican vote, segmenting the pack and not enough Republicans or undecideds can agree on any one candidate.

So, it will end up that the least offensive Republican candidate will get the nomination and that person won’t be many Republican’s first choice for a candidate. Many Republicans won’t even vote, which is what the Democrats are hoping for.

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