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  • The art of manipulation

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  • Manipulation is something you are taught as a child
  • The politics of the company…
  • The little baby manipulator
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We’re going to talk about the art of manipulation – the making of the common day con artist. There’s one crime that everyone in the world is guilty of – it’s the crime of manipulation. Maybe you don’t go to prison for committing manipulation, but if you did the world wouldn’t have enough prisons.

Manipulation is something you are taught as a child. A little baby or child learns quickly how to manipulating their parents into getting what they want. As they get older the manipulation gets more sophisticated. They learn to pit one parent against another to get what they want.

In school, they find themselves manipulated by teachers and other students. In high school, the peer pressure is another form of manipulation to get people to conform to different groups or cliques in the school. Students are then manipulated into believing that they must get the best college education they can in order to get a good job. This manipulation is driven by the fact that when students graduate they’ll be in debt for decades. This is manipulation by the government to enslave students before they even have a job and start repaying the debt. Other times parents are manipulated into paying for college or co-signing a loan, one they will never be able to get out of.

Once a person finds a job they quickly learn the politics of the company and choose which way to be manipulated in their career. You can try to think for yourself and get nowhere in the company, or you can allow people to manipulate you into being a “yes person” and just watch those promotions come in.

By your 30s, you, the little baby manipulator, is getting a taste of your own medicine from your own kids. It’s vaguely familiar what they’re doing and while you see right through it, you give into it. In about 18 years, you get manipulated into getting a student loan or paying for their college education and the cycle just continues.

Kids manipulate, people manipulate each other, governments are the master manipulators of large groups of people getting them to do just about anything to make themselves feel protected. People are manipulated into endless debt through advertising and the selling of what your life should look like. One day you get to the end of your life and discover it’s been one long manipulation. That is why it’s so important to make a connection to us early in your life.

QUESTION: What should readers take away from this message today?

ANSWER: Be on the lookout for people always attempting to manipulate you.

QUESTION: Why is this information timely?

ANSWER: This information is timely because with each manipulation you lose part of your life or identity.

QUESTION: How can readers best apply this information to their lives right now?

ANSWER: Call out the manipulators. Lets them know that you are wise to what they are trying to do and you will not comply.

COMMENTARY: Playing into manipulation is endless. No one respects a person who allows themselves to be manipulated because everyone knows it’s selling out their self-respect. They convince people to give into their manipulations through fear tactics. Fear of what someone will think, do, or say. Step back and become an observer of these manipulations to figure out how to live your life free of these destructive tactics once and for all.




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