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Friday, January 6th, 2012

2012 Winning Presidential Ticket

Politics… January 6, 2012

How we get these Future News Predictions

Find out how these predictions will affect you

  • Iowa Caucus
  • 2012 Winning Presidential Ticket
  • One Political Decision That Will Outrage Americans
  • Continued Political Weakness in the EU
  • Increased Pullout of EU Members
  • Democracy in North Africa and the Middle East 

The 2012 Presidential race is dominating the political news. This is to keep people distracted. We find it interesting that the GOP dismissed the Iowa caucus as meaning nothing when it looked like Ron Paul would win. Now that Romney and Santorum had a great showing, they’re rejoicing over how meaningful it was. We see Rick Santorum sliding back in popularity just as fast as he shot up. We also see Rick Perry making a small comeback and Ron Paul continuing to be steady.Continue reading »

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