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Thursday, September 27th, 2012

The Crime Of QE3

CRIME - The Crime Of QE3Crime… September 27, 2012

How we get these Future News Predictions

Find out how these predictions will affect you

  • We’d like to speak about the crime of QE3
  • QE programs and Operation Twist
  • Here’s what QE3 actually does
  • This is how these insolvent banks keep reporting record profits
  • Who got stimulated besides senior management at the banks?
  • This crime that’s being committed would not be able to happen if the Fed told the truth
  • All this stimulus only adds more debt to each citizen

We’d like to speak about the crime of QE3. What is QE3 and what is it supposed to do? QE3 is the Federal Reserve’s next reiteration of “stimulus to the economy.” At least that’s how it’s billed to the public. The Fed has stated that QE3 will help jobs, as well as stimulate the economy.

However, this round of QE stimulus “quantitative easing” is not going to do anything for jobs, nor will it do anything to stimulate the economy. If the previous QE programs and Operation Twist had stimulated the economy and got it recovering then QE3 would not be necessary.

Here’s what QE3 actually does. The Fed is printing money to give to bankers directly in return for mortgage-backed securities that the bank is holding. The Fed is spending 40 billion dollars a month to buy mortgage-backed securities from major bankers. However, these mortgage-backed securities are paid for at face value. So, if a bank has a mortgage instrument that they issued for $500,000 it’s probably now worth $200,000, but the Fed pays the bank $500,000 for it. This is basically trading something that’s practically worthless and falling in value for half a million dollars. Free money for the bank.Continue reading »

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Derivatives Traders Are Setting Up The Next Economic Crash

Global Economy – August 9, 2010

How we get these Future News Predictions

Find out how these predictions will affect you

Financial reform is being hailed by the administration as “toughest reform measures since the Great Depression.” If this were true, then why did financial industry lobbyists have to throw more than $600,000,000 at Congress to get it passed? Wasn’t it the bankers, home lenders, and their Wall Street co-conspirators that made massive profits by turning subprime loans into AAA investment vehicles and selling them to unsuspecting pension funds and foreign trade unions and other marks around the world? Didn’t they then leverage these deals over and over again with nothing to back them up except the most complicated, unregulated financial instruments that nobody could explain? When their plans started to unravel, we saw bankruptcies, hurried bailout deals, forced mergers of failing banks, and the wipe out of 40% of the world’s wealth from 2008 – 2009. How do you reform this level of greed and corruption? The answer was to grant Congress the ability to audit the Fed’s books for the first time in history, establish a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and have stricter lending practices. Although good, these don’t seem to address the problem. What about stopping what caused the financial meltdown in the first place…the reckless unregulated trading of derivatives and fraud on a global scale? What exactly has changed with reform and how will it affect the global economy?Continue reading »

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Obama and the economy will soon both be on life support

predicts the News Before It Happens

POLITICS – Predictions from Higher Intelligence- “President Obama is very frustrated.  He cannot seem to get jobs moving again and spending under control.  On top of this he is losing popularity due to all the bailouts and stimulus and the outcry from people over the way bankers treated the help they got.  We predict he will be hospitalized in 3 months for stress-related symptoms.”

Commentary: By summer the stress will be on not only President Obama, but the entire system will reach a crescendo.

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