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Friday, July 23rd, 2010

Your Future Depends On Who You Are Becoming Now

predicts the News Before It Happens

HIGHER INTELLIGENCE and INTUITION  – I want to listen to my intuition and have a dialog with my higher consciousness, yet I find myself feeling stuck in my life and not developing as a spiritual being.  Why do I feel like this?

Predictions from Higher Intelligence:- “What you call  “developing”  indicates you think it is something in the “future that you are working on.”  A better word would be “becoming.” You are always becoming something … you are becoming happier or angrier, more healthy or less healthy, more open or more reserved, or a variety of other opposing outcomes.  Becoming is a continuum and not an end result or goal.  What is occurring in the “Now” determines which direction to go.”

Commentary: Three things keep people from controlling their “Now.”  The successes and failures from your past form the glue that keeps you from growing in the now.  You are no longer those successes or failures.  Worrying about the future robs your tomorrows of their importance and your today of its energy to create now.  Listen to what your intuition and higher intelligence is telling you what to do right now.  You are always creating and becoming in the Now.  It’s your decision to act on it or not. 

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