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Saturday, February 6th, 2010

Psychic Cat goes 8 for 10 on his stock picks

Benny' BLOGBenny’s picks & predicts BLOG


Benny … “The Smartest Cat in the Room”

POSTED: Saturday 2/6/2010

Psychic Cat goes 8 for 10 on his stock picks…

Hi fans, it’s me Benny, the “Benstradamus of Stock Picking” back with more stock market brilliance and intuitive stock picks for the coming week. Last week, the Psychic Cat goes 8 for 10 on his stock picks!  Holy Johnny-Cat…that’s 80%!  Yes, 80 percent of my stock picks made money in a wild and crazy trading week.  Go back and take a look at all those stock newsletters you subscribe to. What was their return last week? How about those investment services you spend 1,000′s of dollars on? Continue reading »

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

GM – what took them so long to fail

Benny' BLOGBenny’s  picks & predicts BLOG

Benny … “The Smartest Cat in the Room”

Hi Benny Fans….I’m back from my assignment in Detroit covering the GM bankruptcy . . . what a day for the market today as we may have more gas left in this rally than in GM! Let’s get down to business…

OK, Fritz was on TV this morning in his pink tie explaining why GM has declared Chapter 11 .   He should be required to wear an obnoxious, polka dot bow tie like the rest of the Bozo’s who have managed this company into the ground over the last 40 years.  Is anyone surprised that it took this long for them to fail?  How did the one-time largest corporation in the world get to this point?  Let’s roll back the calendar to 1971 to Motor Trend’s Car of the Year – the Chevy Vega!  People wanted a small, economical, and dependable car and thought they could buy it from one of the Big 3.  It would take an entire page to outline all the problems that GM designed into the Vega, but let’s look at one of the obvious ones – the engine.  The engines had aluminum cylinder blocks and cast-iron heads.  These engines suffered from a lack of durability. Continue reading »

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Time’s run out for GM

Benny' BLOGBenny’s  picks & predicts BLOG

Benny … “The Smartest Cat in the Room”

Happy Memorial Day, Benny Fans…hope you got to have fun this long weekend…I know I did…I sat in the window sill and watched the lizards crawl back and forth on the wall…then I went out on the back patio and crawled through the jasmine bushes and came in smelling really good! Oh, to be a cat!

The competition for the “World’s Smallest Cat” seems to be heating up!  Is it Bitsy?…Heed?…or Mr. Peebles?  It seems that people are obsessed with breeding little tiny cats.  What’s next?…Breeding miniature mice for them to chase?

Was anything this last week more painful than watching Steve Wozniak on “Dancing With The Stars?”  C’mon Woz, leave the physical stuff to professionals.  What’s next?…a series of fitness videos? Continue reading »

Monday, May 4th, 2009

Swine flu – a publicity stunt

Benny' BLOGBenny’s  picks & predicts BLOG

Benny … “The Smartest Cat in the Room”

Hidee Ho, Benny Fans, how about that Mine The Bird!!! It just goes to show you that if you are prepared for the moment through focus and discipline, you can seize the moment! Let go start seizing…

  • OK, raise your hand if you have the swine flu.  Not many people have the swine flu.  In fact, hardly anybody has it.  Oh yeah, they’re making a big deal out of a “possible pandemic” but did you know that over 100 people die each day in this country from the regular old flu?  Yeah, that’s right, over 36,000 people a year die in America from the regular old “people” flu.  So, what’s the big deal about some pigs getting sick?  Are people going around kissing pigs?  Are people getting sick from eating a Grand Slam?  Or, could this possibly be a publicity stunt?  I mean when was the last time the government came to the rescue and saved us from anything?  The Mortgage crisis?…the Bank crisis?…Katrina?…Bernie Madoff?… Continue reading »
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