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Saturday, January 24th, 2009

The cost of clean air and clean water

The Environment – January 24, 2009

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The biggest challenge for the environment in the coming decades will be clean air and clean water. China especially will be forced to clean up the air and water. As their growth has driven them to the limit on what their citizens can tolerate. More and more autos will be sold in China and, combined with the urbanization of the country; this will further pollute the air with emissions. In fact, as the world becomes urbanized and more autos are purchased soon the world will have 3 billion automobiles on the road. Just as important in developing nations are the needed efforts to clean up the water. Many parts of China have water that is not drinkable. The country will see increases in deaths from people eating polluted fish. This will come with an increase also in respiratory ailment deaths. This is something that China and other countries are aware of and a by-product of development. All developing nations take the stance that development comes first and we will worry about the clean up later. Most times the money needed for clean up only comes after the development of industry and urban development. Continue reading »

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