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Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Political Clowns

Politics… December 7, 2011

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Political Clowns, Dinosaurs and Flip-Flops

Can any of the candidates running for the GOP nomination make themselves palatable to American voters? So far, with few exceptions, the White House wannabes have consisted of people driven out by scandals, people who claim they’ve done one thing when they’ve actually done the opposite, and people who have voted one way and changed their views on a whim later when it was politically convenient. And don’t forget Newt Gingrich, that political Blustersaurus who now bills himself as a Washington “outsider.” A Washington outsider who has made millions as an unregistered lobbyist and who was driven out of Congress in disgrace with the notoriety of being the first Speaker of the House to be disciplined for ethical wrongdoing. What a group to have to pick our next Presidential candidate from. Vladimir Putin, a black belt Judo expert, is running for President of Russia again. He campaigns by making martial arts videos, tracking polar bears, driving Formula One race cars at 150mph, and riding horses in Siberia with his shirt off. Somehow the visual of Newt barrel-racing a horse shirtless is probably more than American voters could stomach.

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