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Monday, January 19th, 2009

Technology and future warfare

Technology – January 19, 2009

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One area where technology will have a dramatic affect is warfare. Man has gone through 3 stages of warfare. First, it was man without machines. Next, it was man with machines. The next step will be machines without man. There are 3 areas where technology will enhance warfare. First, it will be in the area of unmanned aerial vehicles. Second, will be precision guided weapons. The third area will be robotics. Unmanned aerial vehicles have already been used for reconnaissance and information gathering for research. More and more uses will be found for unmanned vehicles like the delivery of sophisticated payloads. Up until now only a relative few types of missiles have been delivered by unmanned vehicles. But with advancements in GPS and precision mapping you will see more applications for unmanned vehicles. Delivery of cargo to troops will be one of them. Also, the delivery of all kinds of payloads will happen once unmanned vehicles reach the next generation. Not all will be winged air craft flying high. Smaller air craft will resemble helicopters and will be able to launch from just about anywhere. Many of the advancements in technology that the military develops for unmanned aerial vehicles will cross over into the public sector for applications like cargo deliveries. Continue reading »

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