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Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

Sports fans and religious fanatics

Sports & Wellness – November 25, 2008

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We are amazed at how much sports and religion are alike. Both are part of the cultural and social fabric of the country. They act as a type of social glue that binds its members together. Both religion and sports take discipline and practice. You practice sports, as well as practice religion. Both sports and religion have leaders who are revered and idolized. Also, sports and religion can promote fanatic behaviors. Since both sports and religion are practiced in a group they develop and fulfill a need for social interaction and an element of camaraderie. Both have leaders that are looked up to. There are famous coaches, as well as spiritual leaders. These leaders are rarely questioned and are looked to for advice and guidance. They are many time elevated to a position where people follow their advice blindly without question. You can see this in sports heroes who endorse certain types of products and get people to buy them and you see this in religious leaders who force their beliefs and endorsements into politics and culture. Continue reading »

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