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Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Professional sports are becoming elitist entertainment

Sports & Wellness – June 25, 2009

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Professional sports are going through a major evolution. The economy has affected sports to a great degree. However, it has had less effect on Pro teams and more effect on fans. The average fan, those who over the years brought their families to live events, can no longer afford to spend hundreds of dollars on tickets, concessions and team paraphernalia. The average Joe who may have had season tickets for many years is now giving them up because of cost.  Expenses are going up for all professional sports teams.  More money is needed for players and many have, or are building, new stadiums. These new stadiums have fancier and fancier boxes that are targeted at wealthy clients or corporations. While the pro-teams are doing well the minor league teams are not. Some minor league clubs have gone bankrupt and folded and others have been forced to postpone their seasons until the economy has a turnaround.  Many minor league teams owe millionsContinue reading »

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