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Saturday, January 28th, 2012

Your Healing Powers

Sports & Wellness… January 28, 2012

How we get these Future News Predictions

Find out how these predictions will affect you

  • Energy flows freely
  • What they focus on happens
  • Thoughts that can make you sick or well
  • Taking a magic pill 

Did you ever hurt yourself playing sports? Did you believe the coach when he said, “Walk it off?” Do you really think that walking it off cured it? Do you believe you can heal yourself? If not, you can stop listening now. Energy flows freely through your body and when it flows freely disease – “Dis-Ease” is not present. The interruption of the free flow of energy causes dissonance in your body – this dissonance causes pain and disease.

Many people believe that what they focus on happens. If a person focuses on getting a new job, chances are they’ll find a new job. If they focus on losing weight or quitting smoking chances are good, as long as they keep their focus, they will stop smoking or lose weight. So, what if you focus on getting rid of pain or getting rid of a disease? Think about this…you feel pain when you focus on pain. You didn’t feel any pain until you looked at your cut finger and saw it bleeding. Until you noticed it and focused on it did you feel pain. So, you can focus on feeling good or not feeling good. You focus energy toward what you intend to achieve so why not intend to have health and wellness? Focus positive healing energy and intention at the source of your dissonance to eliminate the pain and to allow the energy to flow freely through the area.Continue reading »

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