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Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Economy controls the environment

The Environment – March 24, 2009

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The economy has the biggest effect on the environment. For example, have you heard much about global warming lately? Not at all, however you have heard about how bad the economy is. So, if a country is engrossed with the economy’s troubles then the environment takes a back seat. If you are trying to save your country’s economy you can’t be devoting time or money to saving the environment. In fact, saving the environment is pretty far down the list of current priorities of most governments around the world. Also, if a person normally contributes money to environmental causes when the economy is good they probably can’t afford to when they have lost their job or are making a lot less money. Even when times were good it was a discretionary item on their list. So, when times are hard the environment suffers. What about when times are good? When economic times are good or are improving it is also not good for the environment. Many causes of additional pollution happen when an economy is growing.  Continue reading »

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