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Thursday, March 12th, 2009

The stock market – beware of false profits (prophets)

Stock Market – March 12, 2009

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People are excited that the stock market is experiencing a bounce. Now people will interpret this as the market having reached the bottom. Although the true bottom hasn’t been established yet, people tend to put false hopes in any bit of good news. How much really has changed over the past 4 days since the market showed some positive moves? Has the economy changed any, or has it gotten worst for most people, or is it about the same? Good news for the stock market would be an increase in jobs. This would mean that companies are hiring because business is better. Then if stocks went up you could see the direct correlation. Now you cannot see or point to a direct correlation as to why stocks are moving up. Mostly the market is just starved for any small bit of good news and reacting to the chaos of the moment. One or two banks say they are doing better and the market jumps. This is a ploy to make the public think that billions of taxpayer dollars spent already are having an effect, when in fact the complete losses from derivatives and credit swaps have yet to be revealed. Once the complete amount of losses is revealed the financial institutions will have lost several trillion dollars. No amount of money being pumped in will be able to offset the losses and this is just American banks. Continue reading »

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