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Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

If I’m A Consumer Don’t I Need To Consume

predicts the News Before It Happens

GLOBAL ECONOMY –  How will the global economy change when people realize that they no longer need to buy “stuff?”

Predictions from Higher Intelligence:- “People are pleasantly discovering that they can unhook themselves from the stuff in their lives…their houses, cars, fancy jewelry, designer clothes, and the latest electronics.  This is all the stuff that will end up in future garage sales or your estate sale when you die.  We see people getting along with much less in the future and before they spend weighing value and practicality against quantity and necessity.”

Commentary: People will realize that we lived with way too much stuff and will stop spending unconditionally.  We even invented a disease called compulsive shopping.  We were conditioned to consume to keep the economy going at any cost.  In the future, people will become focused inside rather than the outside.  The stuff on the outside will mean nothing.  The stuff on the inside will mean everything. 

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