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Thursday, November 25th, 2010

2011 Time To Create The New You

Sports & Wellness – November 25, 2010

How we get these Future News Predictions

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How do the holidays contribute to added stress in your life? Already stressed from a year of work, (or perhaps no work in some cases), people seem to just hope for the year to be over so they can start fresh. Combine the work stress with over-eating, too much drinking, over-spending, travel, and getting together with family and you have the makings for a strongly negative impact on your wellness, both physically and mentally. While some people are full of holiday cheer, others exhibit symptoms of sadness and depression over the holidays for reasons they can’t explain.  The additional demands the holidays make on people can cause some people to feel overwhelmed by the increased tension. Others, without increased demands put on them, can feel alone and sad. Many people affected by the economy may have been depressed all year with the holidays just making it worse. They have been disappointed by many things in 2010. They would like to have hope for a better 2011, but many do not see their situation changing much. Long-term depression, combined with holiday stress and fatigue will carry over into next year. Although it’s difficult for many people to look at the future with optimism based on the events of the last few years, it’s apparent that a change in behavior is called for if they are to ever feel good again about their future. When times were good, people expected them to continue. Now when times are not so good, people just want the pain to stop. Knowing nothing but good times for most of their lives, people don’t know how to escape the sadness and disappointment experienced in recent years. They long for the “good old days.”  This comparison between now, the future, and the good old days can be harmful to your wellness. People must adapt to the “new normal” and do things that allow them to function within the changing times to rebalance their health and well being. What kinds of things can a person do to participate in the holidays in a positive way? And, how will these new actions limit their stress, anxiety, and depression associated with a time of the year that was something they looked forward to as a child? Continue reading »

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