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Thursday, November 24th, 2011

Hanging Out With Smart People

Higher Intelligence & Intuition… November 24, 2011

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Hanging Out With Smart People – Higher Intelligence

Everyone likes to have smart friends. You enjoy hanging out with them because you always seem to learn something of value from them. One friend may be very knowledgeable about investments, another about health issues, and still another may share excellent advice about relationships. They all seem to be experts in their niche and give advice freely. Your goal in associating with these people is to become more like them and less like you.

Hanging Out With Smart People – Free Advice From Your Really Smart Friends

Everybody has some really smart friends that are available to them at all times. These friends are your own personal Guides and they have been with you for many lifetimes. Some people call them their guardian angels, their advisors, or just their higher self. They are not hung up on names. They know you better than anyone else and do not judge you for what you have or have not done in this lifetime. These friends provide higher intelligence and intuition – two things that help steer you along on your path. Not that you always listen.Continue reading »

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