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Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

Many things preventing a real estate recovery

Real Estate – June 16, 2009

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Real estate sales are up and everyone is getting excited for the wrong reasons. Although sales are up, prices are down. What is standing in the way of a recovery in real estate? There are several things.  First, there are increasing foreclosures; some for the first time and for others, their second foreclosure.  Increased unemployment is also adding to the slowdown in real estate.  People lose their income and next they are unable to make their mortgage payment.  Increased rental properties are also slowing the market down, as some of these owners would have sold their property instead of renting it.  Short sales are another thing keeping prices down and falling. Unrealistic sellers are a large problem and their properties are sitting on the market and will be for a long time. Also, although many buyers want to buy, few qualify for a loan and this slows the market down. Banks dumping propertiesContinue reading »

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