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Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Super Bowl a security concern

Sports & Wellness – January 26, 2010

How we get these Future News Predictions

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The Super Bowl is a celebration that has many different meanings to different people.  To the teams and the players, it is the culmination of desire and hard work.  Just to get to the Super Bowl is a major feat.  For example, not everybody who is nominated for a Nobel Prize gets one, but just getting nominated is a reward and recognition unto itself that lasts a lifetime.  To the teams, it is a reward for discipline.  It is that discipline that bridged the gap between their desires and their goals.  For the younger players, it is a dream come true.  For the veteran players, many who have been there before, it is still a great thrill just like it was the first time.  The Super Bowl defines the word “champions” in everybody’s mind.  To the fans, the Super Bowl is the ultimate battle.  It is “us against them” as everyone, no matter who they rooted for during the season, has a Super Bowl favorite.  It marks the end of a long season and a reward for loyalty if your team made it to the this final challenge.  It brings all fans together in that they have waited all season to watch these gladiators compete. Continue reading »

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