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Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Mid-strife Crisis For Europe

World Events… November 3, 2011

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Mid-strife Crisis For Europe

Europe is having a mid-strife crisis. The G-20 was supposed to come to France this week to address the problems of the international monetary system, banking regulations, bailouts, unemployment, safe food and water, declining growth, corruption, and if they have some time left over in their 2-day meeting, maybe they’ll tackle global warming. What they will be greeted with however, is political instability in the region, countries defaulting on their debt, and the Euro economy falling into recession or worse. On top of that, everyone is protesting. It seems citizens don’t like growing financial inequality, not having jobs, corruption, high food prices, governments not being able to manage themselves, and austerity measures imposed by the Germans in order to get bailout money. Who would have known?

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