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Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

Wealth is how you perceive it

The Environment – November 23, 2008

How we get these Future News Predictions

Find out how these predictions will affect you

When you think of the environment you normally think about the weather and the changing global environment. There are however, many different types of environments in your life. You have a family environment, a work environment, a social environment, a health and physical environment and also a financial environment. Today we will address your financial environment. Money is at the core the financial environment and society. Some people have a lot of money and others have little money. Some make money the end all in their world and others see it as a method or tool to go through life. We have recently spoken about your wants and your needs. Even though some people say that money isn’t important to them, money is at the crux of all societies. So, how can money be at the core of societies and people treat it differently?Continue reading »

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