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Monday, June 29th, 2009

Rise in health care costs

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Benny … “The Smartest Cat in the Room”

Howdy Benny Fans! I hope you had a good weekend…I chased lizards all around the patio this afternoon – what fun that was! I didn’t catch any, as they are trickier than Goldman Sachs… but I got some sun and burned off a few calories…let’s get down to business!

Benny’s Rant… The rise in health care costs has become a nightmare for American businesses and consumers.  Too much involvement by the Government in the health care process, too many lobbyists, the malpractice industry running out of control, and the relentless barrage of  commercials on TV for pharmaceuticals that nobody really needs for new diseases that didn’t exist before (e.g. restless leg, P.A.D., and BBS…bird breath syndrome) keep the whole system spinning out of control with Big Pharma and Big Insurance raking in billions.  Continue reading »

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