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Saturday, April 30th, 2011

Goals Are A Waste Of Time

Personal Development & Improvement… April 30, 2011

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Why is it so hard for people to achieve what they want out of life? Some success coaches say it’s because many people don’t have goals. Others will say that they had the wrong ones. Still others say that they failed to write them down or that the goals were too lofty to achieve to begin with. Whatever the reasons, the goals weren’t realized. When goals aren’t achieved, people feel that they may have failed in some way. Maybe they’re okay with not achieving their New Year’s resolution, because next January will be here all too soon. But with larger goals, people may become depressed when they don’t achieve them. They may feel that they’re not good enough, a loser, or unable to change. It is the feeling of failure that puts many people into a repetitive cycle of setting goals, not achieving them, and then resetting goals. The goal becomes setting goals and looking like you are attempting to improve. Goals seem to be inseparable from Personal Development and Improvement, but more people seem to have goals than achieve them. With all the books, recordings, seminars, and money spent on setting and chasing goals, why aren’t people more successful in attaining? Is there something missing and, if so, what is it? Is there an observable difference between people who intend to achieve their goals and people who actually do?Continue reading »

Friday, March 4th, 2011

Intention Plus Discipline Equals Habit

SPORTS and WELLNESS -  You may find it easier to get a parking place at the gym starting March 1st. You see by March, many people who made it their New Year’s resolution to lose weight and get in shape have given up and are regretting that they spent the money on that membership. Why do people do this year after year?

Predictions from Higher Intelligence:- “It’s much easier to be enthusiastic than realistic. Enthusiasm shows up around January 1st for people to change something about their life. After a couple months, they realize that it takes ongoing commitment and discipline to implement this change. They were focused on an outcome rather than on doing their best to achieve the desired change gradually.”

Commentary: Although people desire positive change, being patient and trusting that the change will occur with commitment and discipline is beyond the scope of their belief system of instant gratification. It’s easier to believe you are still the same person you were yesterday and give up. Although the intention to improve was there temporarily, without allowing time for the discipline to become habit all you did was delude yourself.

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

Relationships are a dichotomy

Personal Development & Improvement – January 31, 2010

How we get these Future News Predictions

Find out how these predictions will affect you

Relationships are a dichotomy.  The people who have them don’t want them and the people who don’t have them want them.  Nobody ever seems to be satisfied when it comes to relationships.  Relationships take a front seat this time of year as many made it their New Year’s resolution to find the perfect person.  And, with Valentine’s Day coming, people plan what they’re going to do for their Valentine.  Whether or not you have a relationship that is good has a lot to do with how you perceive relationships and your attitude about them as they relate to yourself.  Try this…complete the following statement: “Relationships require ________.”  Now, fill in the blank.  Some of the things you probably wrote down are that relationships require time and patience.  They need time to work and you must be patient to allow them to work.  Or, you may have said that relationships require work.  You must work at your relationship if it is ever going to last.Continue reading »

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