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Friday, January 30th, 2009

GHOST MALLS Hyper Consumption Kills The American Dream

Click here to read or listen to Ray's Articles GHOST MALLS! – HYPER-CONSUMPTION KILLS THE AMERICAN DREAM AS EMPTY MALLS ACROSS AMERICA BECOME SHELTERS FOR THE HOMELESS!   PREDICTION … Malls across the nation will first become ghost-malls as America’s obsession with hyper-consumption has come to an end.  What started twenty years ago as the biggest over-consume, live-beyond-your-means, it’s-going-to-last-forever mindset has come to an abrupt halt.  So abrupt that, the perpetrators of this phenomenon, all slammed into each other like a chain-reaction crash on an icy freeway.  The consequential damage to the economy and the country’s financial systems is beyond anything most people have ever seen in their lifetime.  People hope that we are on the verge of change.  We are.  Just not the type they were expecting. Continue reading »

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