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Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Improvement is not seeking excellence

Personal Development & Improvement – March 31, 2009

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Personal development and improvement is not personal development and perfection. Perfection and seeking perfection is never a goal. Perfection is a temporary state of excellence. For example; when an Olympic gymnast performs a perfect 10 routine, or a diver performs a perfect dive. It is an instance of excellence and not something that can be sustained. When you seek improvement it is along your path of improvement. Improvement is a state of being better and that state can be sustained. You must continually strive to be better instead of attempting to be perfect. Improvement starts with repetitious behavior. These repetitious behaviors become habits and the habits support the flow of improvement. Without habits the person trying to improve becomes disgruntled with their results and then compromises. If you compromise or only seek security in your life you have just reacted to life and not controlled your path. Your habits involve a plan and don’t just happen. You don’t have a clear plan until you can describe your goal in one word.Continue reading »

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