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Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

It Pays To Be Sick…Not You -The Drug Companies

predicts the News Before It Happens

STOCK MARKET –  One segment of the market is flying high…prescription drugs.  Despite global deflation in just about every category, prescription drug prices increased 8% in the last year. In fact, the most commonly used drugs (especially by elderly people) saw the highest rate of inflation since 2006…the exact time the Medicare drug benefit kicked in!

Predictions from Higher Intelligence:- “It is greed that keeps people sick and never cured.  It is greed that causes side effects that you need another pill for.  It is greed that enables pharmaceutical lobbyists to payoff politicians and government officials. What was the last disease cured? Polio…and only because the inventor gave it away and refused to charge for it or sell patents, removing the pharmaceutical industry from the picture. Greed has no place in caring for another person.”

Commentary: It would appear that those constant TV ads by the pharma-cartel aimed at gullible consumers are working. You need their pills for everything – even diseases they made up.  All prescription drug prices are up (3.4%) with the most widely-used, brand name drugs up even more (8.3%).  It is also Big Pharma that continues lobbying against legalizing marijuana. Why? Medical marijuana could help many medical conditions and not poison a person.  It’s too good. The hemp by-product is something that could allow the U.S. to stop subsidizing farmers, make clothes that cost less, produce paper without cutting down trees, and produce tax revenue to pay down our budget gaps.

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Prescription drugs are the new heroin

predicts the News Before It Happens

POLITICS – Politicians will be faced with a new health care crisis soon…the wide-spread abuse of prescription drugs.  The uncontrolled amount of advertising dedicated to convincing people they have made-up diseases that new pills will fix will create a nation of pill poppers.

Predictions from Higher Intelligence - “Visit your local pharmacy and listen to which drugs the people in line are asking for.  They want all the ones they hear advertised on TV.  This is the power of the media.  It can convince you that you have a disease that a drug company made up.”

Commentary: “The last real disease ever cured was polio, by a man who wouldn’t let the vaccine fall into the hands of a drug company so they could profit.  Today’s drugs do not cure disease; they are designed to “manage” your illness until you die.  The real cancerous malignancy in society is the greed of drug companies.”


Monday, June 29th, 2009

Rise in health care costs

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Benny … “The Smartest Cat in the Room”

Howdy Benny Fans! I hope you had a good weekend…I chased lizards all around the patio this afternoon – what fun that was! I didn’t catch any, as they are trickier than Goldman Sachs… but I got some sun and burned off a few calories…let’s get down to business!

Benny’s Rant… The rise in health care costs has become a nightmare for American businesses and consumers.  Too much involvement by the Government in the health care process, too many lobbyists, the malpractice industry running out of control, and the relentless barrage of  commercials on TV for pharmaceuticals that nobody really needs for new diseases that didn’t exist before (e.g. restless leg, P.A.D., and BBS…bird breath syndrome) keep the whole system spinning out of control with Big Pharma and Big Insurance raking in billions.  Continue reading »

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