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Sunday, November 28th, 2010

White Collar Criminals Destroying The Entire Worldwide System

Crime – November 28, 2010

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White collar criminals are one of the major problems of our times. Many of these designer suit criminals figure if they don’t break the laws their competition will and will overtake them. Breaking the law is now considered “business as usual.” Crime is totally justified as it is necessary to make profits and stay in business. If white collar criminals get caught, rarely do they go to prison. In fact, the bigger the criminal, the more they seem to get a fine and a slap on the wrist. Their behavior doesn’t change. They go right back to “business as usual” due to political clout and regulator influence. So how do white collar crimes affect the average person? Many people are victims of white collar crimes and never know it. The recent mortgage fraud has brought many of these criminals to the forefront and their crimes out into the open. Financial institutions have foreclosed on people’s property without the right to do so, or have done so with fraudulent, backdated documents. When confronted with legal demands, these financial institutions lie, refuse to comply, or respond with confusing and inconsistent information in order to perpetuate their scams. In their arrogance, they assume they are above the law and do not have to comply. And it seems to be working for them. How long will they continue to get away with their lying, cheating, deception, and falsification of paperwork in their attempt to steal people’s real estate? How much more of this will people be able to take? How should a person react and what should  they do to protect themselves from these criminals?

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