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Sunday, October 9th, 2011

Political Salvation

Politics… October 9, 2011

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Political Salvation Is A Myth

Don’t expect political salvation from any politician or government; it’s a myth. Politicians can’t save us from the collapsing economy, unemployment, endless invasions and wars, global warming, inflation, depression, terrorism, failing currencies, hunger, the high cost of education and healthcare, or a comet coming to collide with earth. A broken healthcare system can’t be fixed by passing a law forcing people to buy expensive policies to support insurance companies. You can’t cure hunger when corporations control food and speculators rig commodities markets. You can’t fix unemployment by enacting policies and regulations that encourage companies to move overseas. You can’t stop wars when you are the biggest arms dealer in the world. You can’t fix the problems when you are told what to do by the perpetrators of the problems.

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