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Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

The Dark Side Of Personal Development

Personal Development & Improvement… November 30, 2011

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The Dark Side Of Personal Development – The Day You’ll Be “Good Enough”

Do you feel that you are less than you could or should be? Do you want to become more successful?…healthier?…wealthier?…and irresistible to the opposite sex? Have you bought hundreds of books, tapes, courses, DVD’s, and attended numerous seminars, retreats, and workshops only to find yourself more lost and further from your goals? If so, you may be suffering from personal development addiction. Yes, you are caught up in the endless quest to reach the day when you’ll be “good enough.”

The Dark Side Of Personal Development – But I Chant My Personal Mantra

While there is a myriad of stuff out there to try, there’s only one reason you buy it. You allow clever marketing copy to make you feel you are less than you should be and you need to be “fixed.” The ability to trigger within you your inadequacy buttons is the self-help guru’s secret weapon. The worse they can make you feel about yourself, the more money you are willing to part with to become a better person. You can beat your drum, chant your personal mantra, and recite affirmations until you are blue in the face, but until you free yourself from the “need to change” can you make progress.Continue reading »

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