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Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

SPORTS passion and business

Sports & Wellness – January 27, 2009

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Sports encompass both passion and business.  You can expect that people will always be passionate about sports, but the business aspects of sports change.  Right now, the economic recession is having a huge impact on all sports.  Teams are tightening their belts and slashing budgets to keep their franchises profitable.  One thing that has happened is that ticket prices have come down.  This is good for the average fan.  However, we are in times when the average fan doesn’t have any money.  Also, many of the corporate boxes and special seating for large companies have disappeared.  Some of these companies aren’t even around anymore.  So it will be a continuing challenge to fill stadiums.  Besides the fans, the franchises are suffering.  With less people attending games, they are losing concession money and the sale of team apparel and merchandise.  This is on top of ticket prices falling.  More people are staying home and watching sports on TV rather than going to the stadiums.Continue reading »

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