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Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Unemployment Will Double By 2012

The Environment – November 24, 2010

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Despite the appearance of a festive holiday season, there is a growing environment of desperation and deceit among the population. This desperation is the result of people running out of resources and options and trying to find something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. On December 1, 2010 the U.S. stimulus that extended unemployment benefits from 26 weeks to 79 weeks will end. Ben Bernanke has stated that 10% unemployment could be something we must learn to accept and live with. With jobs harder to find and no more extended unemployment benefits, what will these people do? Many of them are already reinventing themselves, but most are waiting and hoping to be “saved.” Signs of people’s desperation are the increases in emails, phone calls, snail mail and door-to-door solicitations attempting to sell you the magic solution to your problems. The scammers are at every turn with their work at home, multi-level, and investment schemes. Their attacks are relentless and they are preying on people’s “last hope” to earn a living while they drain the remaining money, time and energy out of a desperate person. If you haven’t fallen for one of these scams, you probably know someone who has. A family member or friend will unsuspectedly get caught up in one of these and then try to sell you. Many times, this is the only way they can make their money back. In addition to the nature of our work – knowing what’s coming before it happens; we have had dreams recently showing us the increase in scams preying on the desperate, flashy, and naïve. Are participating in scams the jobs of last choice? Are we becoming George Orwell’s 1984? Will a catastrophic economic collapse or a war drive us into a world of George’s vision? Are we seeing the destruction of jobs and the middle class, driving desperate people into a social class of worker ants who support the desires of mega-corporations, bankers, and the billionaires of the world? Or will we refuse to participate in the scam? Will people have anything to be thankful for if George’s scenario prevails? Is the New World Order the super-scam of all time that bills itself as the solution to the world’s problems? Scammers count on us falling back into our old habits of needing an immediate money fix.  The real problem is being able to recognize the scammers when they show up.Continue reading »

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