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Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

Virtual universities and virtual companies

Technology – November 19, 2008

How we get these Future News Predictions

Find out how these predictions will affect you

One thing that technology will change is the way we educate ourselves and work in our jobs. The old education model of a campus with dorms and thousands of students coming there for four years is outdated. The student of the future will be able to study and get their degree without attending a campus. With student education costs and increasing campus costs, this new model will save much money. One thing the change will bring is that all learning will be virtual. The student will earn a virtual degree from a virtual university. This virtual degree will be tailored to the student’s desired job and not to a lot of superfluous classes. If you want to be an engineer then why would you need to take French? Eliminating certain required classes as they are now called will shorten the time that it takes for a student to graduate. Their degree will be granted in their field when they fulfill the requirements. Using modern technology to participate they will interact with the teacher and other students in a virtual environment.Continue reading »

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