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Saturday, October 25th, 2008

Toxic technology

The Environment – October 25, 2008

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The environment is directly related to your health. The environment is constantly enduring stresses that are occurring on an increased basis. The environment is changing and has been changing for thousands of years, long before man came along and added to the problems. The fact that man has burned fossil fuels to pollute the environment has only been a problem for the recent history of the environment. The fact that man is now living longer means that more and more people will die from pollution oriented illnesses. When the average life span of man was less people didn’t breathe in as much polluted air. Now that they live 20 years longer you can see how much more pollution can be ingested into the system. Besides polluting the air man has a serious growing problem with waste from electronics. This e-waste is from computers, monitors, cell phones, TV’s and just about any and all types of electronics. The electronics themselves contain substances like heavy metals and plastics that, if not disposed of properly, are harmful to man and the environment. This problem will not be going away soon, as the nations of the world become more industrialized and wealthier.Continue reading »

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