Real Estate… July 6, 2007

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Real estate is getting real. Various places around the country will suffer a long time. (NEWS proof)  Some cities will disappear. Unable to retain people because there are no jobs. At least one of these cities is in the Midwest. Michigan and Detroit. New way of living and making a living will become necessary. Large parts of this country will be abandoned. Mostly in the manufacturing states. More people will become farmers. Small farms will become fashionable and necessary. In some areas real estate will keep ahead of the rest. Sunbelt states will continue to thrive and jobs will be available. The weather will drive some people to move and not come back. Some poorer people will move to Mexico and Central America. 

Canada will also offer incentives to move there. More new jobs there. Homes will continue to be taken back. Only those who were prudent with their money will be able to keep their homes. Government will build structures to house people in return for work. Pick the right location when buying a home. Location will enable you to sell it. Don’t look for real estate to rebound anytime soon. Only the rich will participate in real estate.


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