Sports & Wellness … August 11, 2007

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Sports used to teach something. They used to teach sportsmanship. As sports grew to be big business it all changed. It used to be that you could enjoy watching good sportsmanship, but now it’s all gone. Big business and big media controlled by the government have covered sports in a new way. The popularity of all kinds of sports is now a way to distract and control the masses. People who are distracted and disconnected to higher self cannot develop a path to us. Also, these people seem to be very sad about their lives. If you are sad about your existence here, you tend not to vote. This is how powerful people keep the masses from voting. (NEWS proofOnce upon a time, sports served as a means of relaxation and it was good. Now they serve as a means of control and mass thinking. The only team that is winning are those controlled by sports.

QUESTION: When did sports become big business?

ANSWER: When advertisers found out they could dominate a sport. For example; Gillette and boxing. Also, when beer companies decided to triple advertising on sports in the 1970’s. If you noticed, advertisers on sporting events all advertised things that are not good for you; alcohol and fast foods. Each time a viewer sees one of these ads they take it into their consciousness that it’s okay to eat or drink those things. Then those types of things become bonding experiences between the masses who watch sports.

QUESTION: Now that sports have become fully exploited what is the next step in the evolution of those involved?

ANSWER: Sports have NOT been fully exploited, as you see with new sports appearing on TV regularly. For example; extreme sports, off-season sports bringing sports from other countries to here and appealing to younger crowds in order to make them fans and consumers of advertiser’s products.

QUESTION: In addition to sports, what is on the agenda to keep the masses hypnotized?

ANSWER: Fear of all people becoming conscious, even slightly. More and more efforts will be expended to harness mass consciousness through televised sports.


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