Global Economy… September 4, 2007

How we get these Future News Predictions


It is truly a global economy as more and more things occur that will influence the economies of many nations. One of the biggest influences to the global economy will be the changing weather patterns. As the earth gets warmer, economies around the world will be affected. More droughts will occur where there is too much drought now. The green house gases will make it warmer in areas that are already too warm. More heat will cause countries to spend more money on health as diseases will increase. (NEWS proof) One disease that will increase causing more money to be spent is malaria, plus any other diseases related to malaria

Food crops will continue to increase in price around the world because more crops are being used for things other than food. The mistake of ethanol is a perfect example. More warm weather will impact the water supply causing shortages where shortages already occur. (NEWS proof) The biggest effect on global economies will be the increasing prices of food. While some governments are worried about sub-prime mortgages they should be concerned with the danger to their economies from earth changes. The issue of global warming will become more terrifying than terrorism. 

QUESTION: Will technology bail us out of the consequences of the global weather changes?

ANSWER: No, only changes in lifestyle will allow the world to survive.

QUESTION: How long will it be before we are in the full thrust of these weather changes?

ANSWER: Changes are already occurring at an accelerated pace. By 2020 the effects will be staggering.

QUESTION: What will this world look like regarding human habitat in 2020, specifically in North America?

ANSWER: The world, especially North America will still be struggling to get off the dependence of oil. Government lobbyists will fight the movement to alternative fuels to the bitter end. A growing group of outcast rebels will evolve that shun all dependence on oil. These people will drive electric cars or solar powered cars to make up for the shortage of food. Due to expense and grains being used for fuel, the farming industry will become even more dependent on genetically modified foods.

QUESTION: Could you elaborate on what you meant when you said, “people will drive electric or solar powered cars to make up for the shortage of food?”

ANSWER: It will come to a point where food and fuel will be as expensive as each other. Some families will have to choose between eating and driving. That will occur when so much of the food crops are being diverted to making alternative fuels. This will continue to drive up the price of food so families will need an electric vehicle.

QUESTION: Based on these coming earth changes, who will be the superpowers by 2020?

ANSWER: Multiple powers will exist. Economical power will be the Chinese. Military power will still be the U.S. Canada will become more of a food supplier to the world. Russia will control many energy sources.

QUESTION: What will be the primary fuel source for transportation by 2020?

ANSWER: Gasoline will still be popular. However, China will become the mass transit example for the world. 25 percent of automobiles will run on alternate fuel in the U.S.. Electric cars will be bought by the socially conscious drivers and those that cannot afford gas. Electric cars will be fought by the U.S. automakers and most will come from overseas manufacturers. 


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