Commodities & Currencies… September 8, 2007

How we get these Future News Predictions


(NEWS proof) As far as As far as precious metals are concerned don’t try to predict a top. You can expect gold and silver to increase. Only construction type commodities will suffer in the U.S. allowing China to buy them up at a better price.. You can expect gold and silver to increase. Only construction type commodities will suffer in the U.S. allowing China to buy them up at a better price. Demand is skewed toward China and companies will be scrambling to meet their needs. The Chinese currency will become stronger against all others. People in China have a catch-up mentality with the rest of the world. They want to be westernized as much as the government will allow. Give them bigger and better cars, houses and clothes and they are happy. Meanwhile, Europe and the North Americans will be experiencing a lesser standard of living. More attention to be spent on survival modes, rather than growth modes.

Europe will be the next to realize that a bad work ethic and too much liberalism will be the downfall of their economy. Commodities that will do the best are aluminum over the long term, gold, silver, copper and uranium as more nuclear plants are built, reaching new price heights as China continues to westernize and grow along with becoming the world’s largest consumer of everything. Hopefully, you will see the standardization of a world economy. Maybe even your great grandchildren will experience world government.

QUESTION: Precious metals have been trading in a range for the last year. Are they setting up for a breakout?

ANSWER: Yes, as you begin to see more commercials about gold on TV you will see demand fly. More people don’t know what to invest in. They see gold as a good play now. Silver comes on strong in October.

QUESTION: Is a run on the dollar about to take place and what effect will it have on the average consumer?

ANSWER: Dollar will continue to weaken, causing inflation for the average consumer. Some countries will balk at taking payments in dollars.

QUESTION: How can the Fed cut interest rates any further, which will normally produce more inflation?

ANSWER: Although all you hear on the news is an expected rate cut, don’t expect one in September.

QUESTION: In light of no rate cut, how will that affect the near-term price of gold?

ANSWER: A short dip, then reality sets in. Gold has been the safety standard since before the Roman Times.

QUESTION: How will the newly found wealth in India and China invest their money?

ANSWER: The younger generation in these two countries want external recognition of wealth. They will not only buy expensive cars and clothes, but also jewelry. You want to invest in high-end stocks with luxury names. At the same time, avoid the common type clothes and accessories.

QUESTION: How long will Europe and America experience a deterioration in the standard of living?

ANSWER: Just as Europe and America became the world’s standard for high-class living, China and India are now assuming the role. The yellow race will rule the world. 


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