Personal Development & Improvement… December 9, 2007

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(NEWS proof Good evening. This is one of our favorite topics. Personal development is just that, it is a ‘personal’ journey. However, people tend to look at things outside of their life to find improvement. Your life is your reality and your energy you created from within. The goal of improvement is to become more vibrant in your energy and reality. Many people look to other people for things to improve their life. How can someone else or another group of people decide what is best for your life? For example, churches, temples, mosques, and synagogues are all places where people go to conform. They are told what to believe and do with their life. The goal of your life is to be happy and at the same time be self-directed. Churches and religions of all kinds only continue to separate people and not bring them together. If the human race is ever to get along, then the things that continue to separate and keep people apart and fearful of each other must go away.

When you realize that your life is something that you create by yourself, it is YOUR reality and no one else’s. So how could you rely on someone else or a group of others to guide your life? The secret to creating a more desirable life comes from inside and is rooted in love. It is love that brings people together and not apart. Ideologies that preach differences between peoples and countries based on a set of beliefs handed down from generation to generation is not the way you create your life. Once you reach inside to start loving yourself, then you become more tolerant and understanding of others who may be lost or entangled in their web of misinformation. Improvement means that you have a solid inner base to start from. Once you find this inner core, you can identify and define it, and when you define it you can understand how it fits into your current reality. That sounds simple, but it is the most difficult step to take. Most people never look inside to find their energy core to see within themselves where and why they need improvement. If you constantly look outside of yourself for improvement in YOUR reality, you will be disappointed. This is our word and gift to you, that you realize that you control your reality and that your reality and others do not control you.

QUESTION: How do we get to our core reality in order to discover ourselves?

ANSWER: You can start this way … before you discover what you love about yourself; try to identify what you like about yourself. Write down on a piece of paper what you like about yourself and then go back over that list to find anything that you love about yourself. This is how you begin to improve. Moving the things you like about yourself into the column of things you love about yourself, once you see the shift of like to love, you experience self-improvement. While you are at it, write down what you do not like about yourself. This is more difficult for some people because they are in denial of much of their life and reality. You need to eliminate the things you dislike about yourself, and either get rid of them or turn them around into positives in your life.

QUESTION: Knowing how hard it is for people to acknowledge what they don’t like about themselves, wouldn’t it be easier to start with identifying what you don’t like about your life?

ANSWER: Since it is a manifestation of your inner reality, it is what you have made it. You don’t like war or famine or disease or hatred in the world, but that’s what people, as a collective, have manifested. If you started by identifying what it is about your life that you didn’t like, then you could work on manifesting the opposite for something different. Once people create their own new and better reality, then as a family or group or nation, you can see the world change.

QUESTION: Is the world ready for this now?

ANSWER: The world is always ready for improvement at the core level. However, it is fear, greed, power mongering and jealousy that prevents people from clearly seeing the truth inside.


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