World Events… December 26, 2007

How we get these Future News Predictions


Look to the Middle East and China this year for exciting events. You will see progress made in the Middle East talks, but they will come to a standstill when the U.S. refuses to negotiate with Hama. Hamas is the democratically elected government of Palestine that the U.S. refuses to acknowledge. There will be no definitive agreement until Hamas is included in talks. Israel will be willing to give up more than expected in bring about peace. The U.S. will try to continue dealing only with the minority in Palestine. What started out as a renegade terrorist group is now the elected political party.

The agreement will be reached mainly because the people are tired of living in fear. The Israelis must restrain themselves and not retaliate as hard as they have done in the past. They must not show weakness, but must become more tolerant and optimistic about a solution. Another high point of world events for 2008 will be the Olympics in China. All the world will be focused on China until the Olympics. China must be prepared not only for this successful event and show the world hospitality, but must be on guard so as not to be caught unaware. With China focused on the games, possibly one of China’s enemies will take advantage of the situation. China will not want to distract themselves from the Olympics by having to address a domestic problem. (NEWS proof) The other event that will affect many countries is the decline of real estate prices in several countries. This crisis in the U.S. will spread to several other countries throughout 2008. This will also be a year of Muslim countries working together to have solidarity in the efforts whether they be good or violent.

QUESTION: What county will be the ultimate loser in this standoff between Palestine and Israel?

ANSWER: The U.S. will lose face when they propose democracy and then don’t recognize a democratically elected majority.

QUESTION: What will Israel be willing to give up to bring about peace?

ANSWER: Settlements that have continued to grow and possibility a dual capital in Jerusalem.

QUESTION: You referred to people ‘living in fear’. Can you expound upon that?

ANSWER: For decades the Israelis’ and Palestinians have lived in fear for their lives. None can imagine how good it will be when it’s over.

QUESTION: Who will try to take advantage of the world focus on the Olympics in China and why?

ANSWER: With the attention of the world on China, it cannot afford bad press. For example, weeks before the Olympics, Taiwan could start a movement toward independence to feel that China would be reluctant to respond forcefully with the world watching. Another scenario could be for a religious or political group to make the Olympics their stage.

QUESTION: Regarding the burgeoning worldwide crisis in real estate, what countries will be most affected besides the U.S.?

ANSWER: The U.K, Spain, Germany and South Africa.

QUESTION: Do you see this causing a worldwide recession, and if so, when will it be officially recognized?

ANSWER: Certain parts of the world will suffer from bad investments. However, other countries will benefit from people moving there because of a lower cost of living.

QUESTION: What countries will benefit from people moving there?

ANSWER: South and Central America, as well as the former Communist Bloc countries. Americans will be drawn to countries with lower costs of living and will also leave this country because of politics.


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