Global Weather & Earth Changes… January 22, 2008

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Rather than earth changes, it should be called earth adaptation. The earth is not changing. It is adapting to all of the stress put on it by mankind. The earth has a plan to evolve, no matter what and man has just created some issues along the way that the earth must adapt to. Man’s destructive nature, with regard to the environment, is now coming around to bite him. Very soon, you will experience more weather extremes than ever before. You will see droughts in areas that had too much rain before, and too much rain in some areas that only needed a little. Floods and mudslides will abound, especially in areas that experience wildfires.

The extreme will not be just rain or drought. (NEWS proof)  High winds will cause record destruction in 2008. Tornado season will be one of the worst on record. Approximately 75 tropical storms will evolve with over 30 of them striking land. This includes three large tsunamis in Asia. Earth changes will also affect the intensity of earthquakes. Watch for more earthquakes in South America and the Pacific Northwest. Although it’s been a long time since the Pacific Northwest has had a major earthquake, this one will destroy infrastructures such as pipelines, bridges, and dams. The compounding nature of weather changes will be an additional expense and burden to the economy in 2008. 

QUESTION: Expand on the tsunamis and the 30 tropical storms that will hit land in 2008?

ANSWER: The tsunamis will hit in Indonesia, Malaysia and in the area off the coast of Australia and New Zealand threatening nearby islands. The hurricane season in the U.S. will be a busy one. As always, storms will pound the Gulf States with Florida taking the biggest hit. Some storms will brush Northern Florida, and head up the Atlantic coast. These summer storms will affect the weather all the way up to New England.

QUESTION: Expand on the earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest?

ANSWER: The earthquake that hits the Pacific Northwest will happen in June and strike north of Portland. 


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