Technology… January 31, 2008

How we get these Future News Predictions


Although people like to hang on to the things of the past, they will have to get used to new technology being applied to old problems. One of the ways that technology will be applied will be in the area of transportation. Many new technologies and some technology improvements on old technologies will unfold over the next 10 years. The auto industry will change dramatically as new types of battery technology keep appearing.  (NEWS proof)   It will not be hybrid vehicles, but all electric vehicles that have the most impact. More types of technology for electric cars will show up over the next three years. One of the first areas to change to all-electric vehicles will be fleets of municipal vehicles. States will mandate laws that say that all non-emergency vehicles will be electric. People will finally get it that you can’t drive a machine that harms the environment. Smaller electric vehicles will become the vehicle of choice for commuters. 

There will be special parking lots where you drive to work and then plug your car in so you can return home. Another area where technology will help solve commuting issues is mass transit. The U.S. should not build any new roads. They should improve the ones they have and use money earmakered for new roads and put it toward electric trains. Silent, non-polluting trains will be a viable alternative to commute to the cities. Without this option some suburbs will be cut off from the big city nearby. People will not be able to afford fuel to continue long commutes. Even with carpooling it will still be better for the environment if people drive smaller commuter cars. These new cars will not run on lithium ion batteries, but a third generation of lithium technology. You will be forced to drive an electric car, take the electric train to work, or work from home. Another way that technology will help road congestion is that within 10 years most college students will learn from home. Distance education will be fueled by new video conferencing technologies available to anyone with a laptop computer. New video technologies along with new artificial intelligence technologies will change the face of the retail industry. No longer will you have to go to the store to experience looking at multiple widescreen televisions. You will be able to experience each one over the Internet and make your choice. Then the item you pick will be shipped to you automatically from the warehouse. Now, stores can be much smaller or disappear altogether. With the advances in graphics and artificial intelligence you will never have to talk to a human at the bank. You will speak to a person on the screen that is computer generated and has artificial intelligence built-in. You could also access this person through your computer. Applying technology to old problems will be a focus of getting people to stop commuting or traveling as much.


QUESTION: Where will the electric vehicle take off first?

ANSWER: (NEWS proof) North America will have the largest of electric vehicles in the next five years. New battery technology from Canada and Texas will appear.

QUESTION: What will be the solution for the added demand once the electric car becomes prominent?

ANSWER: Lithium is at its infancy. Not this generation, but the one after that will set the standard.

QUESTION: What generation of battery are we at right now?

ANSWER: More nuclear power plants will be built. Also, solar panels that are mounted on the top of the car will appear instead of a moon roof. As strange as it may sound, you can also harness the wind as you drive to recharge the batteries.

QUESTION: How will on-line distance learning make a college education more affordable?

ANSWER: The student will not have to be housed in a dorm. Also, the schedule on which they take classes is now flexible since they are available on-line, allowing the student to also work. No commuting cost to campus, no parking cost and books will be on-line.

QUESTION: Will this become an acceptable standard for college education compared to the traditional on-campus experience?

ANSWER: (NEWS proof) A student can learn just as well, maybe even better without distraction. Many will continue to seek an education at a prestigious university, but a distance learner could also attend classes at Princeton or Harvard.

QUESTION: How can you protect against fraud when taking on-line exams?

ANSWER: You can never prevent cheating entirely on or off campus.

QUESTION: What do you see for the first generation of artificial intelligence on the Internet?

ANSWER: Just as you can have a movie with digitized actors that look and sound real, you can have an interactive professor with whom you interact.

QUESTION: When will the home TV and video experience become a quasi-IMAX Experience?

ANSWER: Soon you will be able to experience the scene as if you were in it. This will be done with electronic glasses.

QUESTION: With all of the new technology taking away the entry level jobs, what will the less than college educated person do?

ANSWER: With low-end, menial jobs disappearing, more people will get a college education than ever before.

QUESTION: Since everything can be managed from your home what will happen to the social (in-person) experience?

ANSWER: People will meet in virtual reality settings of their choice and interest. Even things like grocery shopping will be able to be done on-line with virtual reality. You will see yourself pushing a cart up and down the aisles at the local store you normally shop at. You will pick items off the shelf and put them in your cart and be automatically checked out by a digitized checker. Then, robots will pick your items and pack them and deliver them to your house.

QUESTION: Is this a solution to preventing the spread of future pandemics’ that have not yet unfolded?

ANSWER: It could be, but will also be helpful to older people who cannot get to the store and busy people who have no time. You normally buy the same things when you shop for groceries since you run out or they have a sold date. You could easily, on your computer, just duplicate your last order in minutes.


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